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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Chaos Engineering at Linkedin

Have only interacted with 'Chaos engineering' once.   In particular to look at the broader idea of maintaining process models.  Here a technical view of it used with a popular service. 

Chaos Engineering at LinkedIn: The “LinkedOut” Failure Injection Testing FrameworkLike  | by Daniel Bryant in Infoq

The LinkedIn Engineering team have recently discussed their "LinkedOut" failure injection testing framework in more detail. This framework supports the generation of hypotheses about application and service resilience, and enables failure to be injected to a specific request via the LinkedIn LiX A/B testing framework or via data in a cookie. Failure scenarios that can be tested include errors, delays and timeouts. The LinkedOut project is part of the larger "Waterbear" initiative to encourage every team at LinkedIn to contribute to resilience engineering efforts.   ... " 

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