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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Quantum Transmission from ETH

This, from ETH, seems quite the breakthrough.  What will this ultimately mean for computing, encryption,  combinatorial computation?    Beam me up?

Quantum Transfer at the Push of a Button 

ETH Zurich   By Oliver Morsch

Scientists at ETH Zurich in Switzerland have transmitted information between two solid-state quantum bits (qubits) about a meter apart, with high fidelity. The team, led by ETH Zurich's Andreas Wallraff, linked two superconducting qubits with a coaxial cable. The first qubit's quantum state was initially transferred to a microwave photon of a resonator via precisely controlled microwave pulses, before being sent through the cable to a second resonator, where microwave pulses passed its quantum state on to the second qubit. "The transmission of the quantum state is deterministic, which means that it works at the push of a button," says ETH Zurich's Philipp Kurpiers. Wallraff notes the process' transmission rate for quantum states is among the highest ever achieved. The team's next challenge is using two qubits each as transmitter and receiver, to enable entanglement swapping. ... "

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