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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Integrating Voice into Device Apps

Amazon continues to push voice driven apps.  Now for their Fire TV.   Have previously looked at their voice decision approach for the Alexa assistant.  Well done, but they still do not address the broader element of even simple conversation with your device.  Memory, understanding the implications of a request and interaction.   We are not there yet.   Lets see more of that in the interaction.  Make it a conversation.  Get to the Development part at the link:

What every developer needs to know to start integrating voice into their Fire TV apps

The powerful combination of voice and Amazon Fire TV allows your customers to use speech to engage with your content and enjoy and new level of convenience.  With the launches of the all-new Fire TV Cube and Toshiba 4K Ultra HD - Fire TV Edition, the first television released as part of a multi-year collaboration between Amazon and Best Buy, voice integration on Fire TV apps is more important than ever. Here are a few resources to help you integrate voice capabilities in your Fire TV apps and games:

Learn the ins-and-outs of voice integration by browsing Alexa's technical documentation.

Enable voice control in your TV apps with the Media Session API, allowing customers to play, pause, skip forward, or rewind content with the power of speech. Download the Media Session sample app to preview the functionality of the API.

Integrate your media catalog with Amazon Fire TV so your content can be discovered and launched from the Fire TV home screen, via voice and text search.

Facilitate far-field control of your app with the Video Skill API, allowing customers to launch content, search within your app, change the channel, and use transport controls with their voice. ... "

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