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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Surveillance Cameras Talking to Smartphones

Interesting, but perhaps spooky application.  Your smart city talking to you individually.  Advertising next?

System Allows Surveillance Cameras to 'Talk' to the Public Through Individual Smartphones 

in Purdue University News

Purdue University researchers have developed a system to enable public surveillance cameras to transmit tailored messages to people while maintaining their privacy. The PHADE (private human addressing) system employs movement patterns as the address code for communication, allowing users' smartphones to decide locally whether to accept the messages. PHADE uses a server to receive video streams from cameras to track users, with the camera building a packet by tying a message to the address code and broadcasting the packet. Once it gets the packet, the smartphone of each target uses sensors to deduce its owner's behavior and follow the same conversion to extract a second address code. Should this code match the address code in the message, the smartphone automatically delivers the message to its owner. PHADE shields privacy by keeping users' personal sensing data within their mobile devices, and transforms the raw features of the data to obscure partial details. ... " 

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