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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Ready to be Managed by an AI?

Course it does depend upon what managed means here.   Tracked, reminded, directed?    Some level of this will be inevitable.  Note mention of assistants, what is the effective difference between  assistance, augmentation and management? 

People are ready to have robots as their managers
By Lydia Dishman in Fast Company

We know that robots won’t completely eliminate our jobs (only about 5%, according to recent research), but a new study  by Oracle and Future Workplace of 1,320 U.S. HR leaders and employees found that an overwhelming majority (93%) would trust orders from a robot.

That’s easy to say because currently, this is theoretical in the workplace. Although plenty of people (70%according to this study) are using AI in some way at home (hello Google and Alexa!) the rate of adoption at work is still very low. Only 6% of HR professionals and 24% of employees are actively using it. .... " 

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