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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Pushing the Interface of Voice Commands and Conversation

There is still a considerable way to go, but we have been shown that voice has real value.  Most important, we need to accurately define the nature of a conversation and its expectations, when interacting with devices.  Many challenges still exist.

In Time:
The Way We Interact With Technology Is About to Change Fundamentally
Lisa Eadicicco @lisaeadicicco  June 3, 2016     

You may never touch a computer again

For as long as computers have been part of our lives, we have interacted with them through touch. We’re used to pecking keys, swiping trackpads, and tapping touchscreens to tell a computer we want to open a certain app or visit a specific website.

But it is quickly becoming clear we are entering a new phase of digital interaction as technology giants Amazon, Apple, and Google bet on voice-based systems.  ... " 

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