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Friday, June 03, 2016

Mixed Reality in Windows Holographic Announced

Microsoft announces to 'insiders' the availability of Windows Holographic to partners.  Hardware and software costs are still high for the individual.  Calling it 'Mixed Reality', though I have always thought that augmented reality (AR) embodied this use definition.   Don't confuse technologies by coining terms, hard enough to get management on board.

The announcement is also somewhat confusing as to how this all will be integrated with current and future operating systems.  Still impressive, see their blog, which has a link to a video of a retail example. Still looking for new, different examples for its use in business.    They write:

" .. We just released some exciting news about Windows Holographic – the platform included with Windows 10 – which powers the amazing mixed reality experiences available on Microsoft HoloLens.

Starting soon, Windows Holographic will be coming to devices of all shapes and sizes – from fully immersive virtual reality to fully untethered holographic computing.

Imagine wearing a VR device and seeing your physical hands as you manipulate an object, working on the scanned 3D image of a real object, or bringing the holographic representation of another person into your virtual world so you can collaborate. This is what we mean by mixed reality – where we break down the barriers between virtual and physical reality.  ... " 

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