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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Alteryx and Tableau Guide

Used Tableau for years in the enterprise, mostly known for data visualization.  here a 'definitive guide'  for using it with Alteryx, which is known for data preparation, blending  and analytics.   Was suggested I examine it.

" .... When you need advanced joining and manipulation, that's when Alteryx becomes useful. Let the computer do the stuff it's good at. I want to do what I'm good at: being creative. Enable the cycle of visual analytics with Tableau and Alteryx together." ..... 

If you are like many data analysts you spend most of your time preparing data – leaving you less time to visualize data. Download our new whitepaper and see how Alteryx enables

Fast blending of multiple, disparate data sources ... Cleansing and shaping of data sources to perfect for output ... Analyzing data with predictive and spatial analytics, no coding required

All your work is done in an intuitive drag and drop workflow that is re-useable, modifiable and outputs to a Tableau Data Extract – saving you time and letting you visualize your data faster.  ... " 

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