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Monday, October 13, 2014

Examining Data Valuation Methods

Brought this up here some time ago, but thought I would again ....  New analytical methods used with big data have led many companies to think about the value of their data. What is it worth, now and in the future? How about it's value if it is combined with syndicated or public data? How might your data be used to promote creative hypotheses?

Data is also risk. What is the cost of protecting it and the risk of keeping it at all? Data can also link to compliance issues. Is it indicative of dangerously approaching regulatory non compliance? All this leads to the question: What is your data worth? Could this be seen as a Watson cognitive advisory task? I will be talking this at an ISSIP http://www.issip.org/about/ call this November. Has anyone worked on this?  Interested in examining or contributing?  Contact me.

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