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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Computational Cooking Creativity Machine

So what is creativity?  An area we explored.  Discussed here previously: Is it the combination of a list of available resources (your pantry), your cooking skills, and the requirements of your diners?  

Perhaps optimized by some measure like cost and applause?  Plus a novelty measure?  I am going to a dinner party tonight where this will be discussed by some cognitive practitioners.

I still don't have access to the Beta discussed, could have tested that here.

In Technology Review:
" ... Can computers be creative? That’s a question likely to generate controversial answers. It also raises and some important issues too, like how to define creativity.

Seemingly unafraid of the controversy, IBM has darted into the fray by answering this poser with with a resounding ‘yes’. Computers can be creative, they say, and to prove it they have built a computational creativity machine that produces results that a knowledgeable human would consider novel, useful and even valuable—the hallmarks of genuine creativity.

IBM’s chosen field for this endeavour is cooking. The company’s creativity machine produces recipes based on chosen ingredients or cooking styles. And they’ve asked professional chefs to evaluate the results and say the feedback is promising. ... " 

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