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Monday, June 23, 2014

Wolfram Programming Cloud

Attended today the announcement of the Wolfram Programming Cloud. This embodies the ability to create public and private clouds using the Wolfram programming language.  It uses the Wolfram Alpha AI and natural language capabilities, plus the knowledge databases already included in the language.  We examined its use for use inside the company.  In particular to implement certain kinds of AI with corporate data.   So this is AI embedded in programming.  A powerful idea, quick for prototypes.  For production, I am unsure.

Steve Wolfram gave a short demo that was impressive and  informative.  It also showed clearly that this is a powerful, compact programming language, which requires skill and training to use.  The code looks more like math than sequences of instructions, and that is scary for many.  How easy is it to get these programming skills in the market?  In schools?    He pointed out an included an Introduction to Knowledge Programming for he says, easy training.  Some 5000 + functions are included with many machine learning and analytics capabilities.  Graphics are a deeply included capability.  Interaction is directly provided.

Most interesting, the system is free to play with in the cloud.  Only when you ultimately go production will it cost. I got the impression that will allow for in depth training and testing of ideas.

Overall impressive.  Press release  and example overview.

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