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Saturday, June 14, 2014

HP Claims New Computer Architecture

In BusWeek:  The Machine, they call it.    Admit had not seen this, but intriguing. But sounds like its different implementations of the parts, rather than a new design.  Have spent some time with HP Labs.

" ... That’s what they’re calling it at HP Labs: “the Machine.” It’s basically a brand-new type of computer architecture that HP’s engineers say will serve as a replacement for today’s designs, with a new operating system, a different type of memory, and superfast data transfer. The company says it will bring the Machine to market within the next few years or fall on its face trying. “We think we have no choice,” says Martin Fink, the chief technology officer and head of HP Labs, who is expected to unveil HP’s plans at a conference Wednesday. .. "  

Dell Labs comments.

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