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Monday, June 16, 2014

MediaCrossing and Advanced Programmatic Ad Buying

Happened on former collaborator William Lederer and MediaCrossing.   They have created a short animated infographic that does an excellent job of demonstrating both the power, value and speed of the idea. That further integrates the general process of media buying.  While we experimented with aspects of this idea, we never took it this far. Very instructive and Highly recommended! Connect with them for a further demonstration.

" ... MediaCrossing presents 200MS: The Life of a Programmatic Ad Impression, an educational video accompanied by an infographic that shows you exactly how ads are bought and sold in real-time. The two shine light on a complex world of auctions, bidders, advertisers and publishers that are all vying for the right to serve you an ad.

Programmatic advertising is on track to be a 12 billion dollar industry this year – a number estimated to triple within the next 3 years. Watch and learn how ads are being traded faster than you can blink or snap your fingers. .... " 

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