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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Intel Capturing Mood

In CW: I have been introduced to some efforts by Intel in the retail interaction space, this has interesting applications in engagement and interaction.   More in this blog on Intel and imaging.

Intel's RealSense 3D tablet cameras will determine whether a person is happy or sad based on its analysis of a face. The RealSense camera chip has technology to recognize a face, analyze the shape of lips, eyes and cheeks, and then draw conclusions about facial expression. ...

 ... The camera was developed as part of Intel's "perceptual computing" effort to make human interaction with computers more natural and interactive. The camera chip is 3.5-mm thick and will be built into the bezel of tablets. The chip has its own image co-processor to analyze video and 3D data points, and processing loads will not be offloaded to CPUs or graphics cores.

New kinds of streaming data?

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