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Monday, June 09, 2014

Turing Test Breakthrough, Could Mr Clean do Better?

The Turing Test is the classic test for AI.  Can a machine consistently fool a person into thinking it is a person rather than a machine?  Article claims that just this weekend a milestone has been passed.   Not a technical source, so its hard to place complete reliance on this reporting.  Update: Some skeptics ...  See also the WP article on the Turing Test here. The article does give a nice non technical overview of the test and related issues.  I would not worry that this in particular warns of a dangerous future, machines can already fool many people most of the time, even when they have their guard up.  That has fascinating implications for marketing.  See my notes on The Media Equation.   See also my notes on how we tried to make Mr. Clean beat the Turing Test.

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