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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cojoin Analytics Startup

New colleague Thomas Ciszek points me to Cojoin.com:  In Beta, you can request access.

 " ... We are a team of agency, web and science data veterans who grew frustrated with enterprise sales and wanted to simplify data warehousing and data analytics. Cojoin is the result of that effort. Through Cojoin’s highly-visual, customizable dashboards, sharing data with colleagues has never been easier, making data-driven decision-making more meaningful and efficient.

Even with the power of “big data,” an incomplete analysis often leads to incorrect assumptions about what to do. By automatically joining and synthesizing data from multiple sources, and providing master data sets, Cojoin helps marketers gain the ultimate perspective on their campaigns.

Founded in 2012, Cojoin is a privately-held company based in Santa Monica, California.  ... " 

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