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Monday, June 02, 2014

Dark Stores for Fulfillment

Had not heard the term 'dark stores' for some time, but experimented with the concept some years ago. It also allows experimentation with the structure of the store as well.     Then becomes a hybrid of store and warehouse.

In Retailwire: " ... Although online grocery shopping hasn't yet taken off in the U.S., it's quite popular in the U.K. Orders are fulfilled at a nearby store and delivered by truck. Pickers are given a large cart with separate bins for separate orders, and they use a tablet to efficiently navigate the store. With enough orders, you can imagine those customers slowing down the pickers. The grocery store layout isn't really conducive to both types of foot-traffic. Thus the dark store was born.

Just as you might expect, the dark store has no customers and is used strictly for picking and fulfillment. Its location and layout are similar to traditional stores, but there are no price tags, no endcap advertising, and no checkout lines. It's a neighborhood warehouse, complete with fresh, frozen and dry goods.   ... "  

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