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Monday, September 02, 2013

Top Data Science Languages

Vincent Granville usefully summarizes a survey of language use.

Top Languages for analytics, data mining, data science:

Very interesting study published by KDNuggets. Here are the highlights:

The most popular languages continue to be R (used by 61% of KDnuggets readers), Python (39%), and SQL (37%). SAS is stable at around 20%. The highest growth was for Pig/Hive/Hadoop-based languages, R, and SQL, while Perl, C/C++, and Unix tools declined. We also find a small affinity between R and Python users. ... Previous KDnuggets polls looked at high-level Analytics and Data mining software, but sometimes a full-power programming language is needed.  ... ' 

Useful yes, but the respondents here are followers of KDNuggets, skewed I believe to researchers rather than practitioners.    By my observation, Excel is still the most used in applications of these ideas, but mentioned nowhere in the article.   I think we need more than Excel to do our job, but we can't ignore its existence.

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