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Monday, September 16, 2013

VisiRule: Sharable Know-How

I am repeating part of a post from last year below, based on my reexamination of expert systems style applications:

" ... expert systems to understand and improve complex business processes.  I mentioned a package called Visirule in this blog a number of times.   Also outlined some of our enterprise experience with expert systems in the 80s. These systems were used for years to make our processes more efficient.   Visirule and other offerings of their company LPA deserves a look.  See also a detailed powerpoint presentation on how it works.  An article on the visualization of process logic.   And another related example article.

I think it is time for the use of Expert systems, combined with quantitative analytics and the availability of increasing amount of available data,  to lead to better business solutions ...

" ... VisiRule can help you build rules-based systems to model and automate decision-making processes. The business logic is identified and represented as a sequence of familiar graphical icons and links. The underlying logic-based inference engines help ensure a high degree of compliance and accuracy. This makes VisiRule ideal for building regulatory compliance systems, financial decision-making systems, and validation systems.

Shareable Know-How
The expertise and 'know-how' captured in a VisiRule chart is immediately shareable with colleagues and collaborators. VisiRule charts can be exported in industry standard formats, there is no need for internal or external reviewers to buy or install any additional software. All the relevant logic and business rules underpinning business decisions is immediately visible within a chart in a simple and coherent manner. This helps people work collaboratively and improves group productivity without increasing costs. ...  "

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