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Friday, September 27, 2013

Tableau 8 Guide

Recently released:  Tableau 8: The Official Guide   by George Peck

 I am in the midst of a project that specifies Tableau, and searched for several obscure topics in this book, and found them in this book.   Good sign.   Have used Tableau since soon after its release.   Tableau has an increasingly complex User Interface, because it covers lots of ground.  Will follow with a review as I read further.  The book's site, with sample chapters.  I have now used the files in an accompanying  DVD as instruction support, and they work well with the right pace from introductory to advanced options.   Very good so far.

" ... Present a unified view of complex BI using the entire Tableau 8 toolkit

Create and distribute dynamic, feature-rich data visualizations and highly interactive BI dashboards—quickly and easily! Tableau 8: The Official Guide provides the hands-on instruction and best practices you need to meet your business intelligence objectives and drive better decision making. Discover how to work from the Tableau GUI, load BI from disparate sources, drag and drop to analyze data, set up custom visualizations, and build robust dashboards. This practical guide shows you, step by step, how to design and publish meaningful business communications to end users across your enterprise. ... ? 

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