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Monday, September 23, 2013

Intuit Heads to the Aisle with Aislebuyer

Late to this one, but thought I would close the books on my coverage of the in retail-buying system Aislebuyer, developed by my former colleague Andrew Paradise, and mentioned here a number of times.   It was sold this past April to Intuit. Which will give Intuit some interesting further presence in the retail aisle beyond their other POS system.   Congratulations to Andrew.

Further now Andrew has started a multiplayer gaming site called Skillz.    An article about Skillz here. And a further explanatory video.  " .... Skillz Says Real-Money Betting in Mobile Games Is Paying Off ... ".  Intriguing idea which dances around the definition of games and betting.   Will follow up on this.  Good luck Andrew.

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