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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Intellectual Xchange Network

See Chris Herbert's Intellectual XChange Network, been a while since I have mentioned them.   I am a member.  As a a journalist and expert I have covered conferences for them.

" ... The Intellectual Xchange Network or IXN is comprised of a select group of professionals, who through their research, writing and relationships are subject matter experts in their fields. The IXN is sponsored by SAP.

Members of the IXN provide insights, share ideas and help their readers and listeners become better informed on how they and their companies can improve. They do this through podcasts, blog posts and webcasts (live and on-demand).

They are not paid nor are they spokespersons for SAP.

The IXN Network is managed by Chris Herbert, of Mi6 Agency and cofounder of the grassroots technology community Silicon Halton. ... " 

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