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Friday, March 04, 2011

Conducting a Virtual Choir

The following is pretty remarkable.  A virtual choir.  Play the video.  Now if we could only do the same thing with a conductor/manager performing in front of a group of people who are attempting to do something like orchestrate the completion of a project.  How can we make beautiful music together at a distance with each element in synchrony?   Like all of the net, though, it turns the human element somewhat cold ... Is it worth it?

" ... Who knows what the sound of one hand clapping is, but a choir of hundreds of singers connected by nothing more than webcams and an internet connection sounds, surprisingly, pretty sublime. Classical composer and conductor Eric Whitacre unveiled a clip from his new virtual choir project at TED on Tuesday and got the first complete standing ovation at the conference — something generally reserved for speakers much later in TED’s lineup.It all began when Whitacre received a video from a young girl named Britlin Losee, who was singing one of his choral pieces called “Sleep.”

“I was struck so hard by the beauty, the intimacy of it, the sweetness of it,” he said at the time.  He wondered what it would sound like with 50 singers performing different parts, and sent out a call to choirs and schools around the world to submit videos. “It was all about connecting … these individuals alone, together,” Whitecre wrote on his blog. “For me, singing together and making music together is … a fundamental human experience.” ... "

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