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Friday, October 29, 2010

Strategic Process Improvement

Brad Power on the importance of improving strategic process in the HBR.   I am further a believer in using simulation methods to understand these processes in great detail. It is not used often enough.  Read the entire post, and his previous post linked to.  He writes:

" ... I admit I'm a process improvement enthusiast. I'm continually tempted to believe that all companies need to improve all their processes all the time. As I argued in my first post in this series, organizations, like people, need to maintain fitness. But even I have to admit that sometimes, process improvement is irrelevant.

Process improvement programs that do not expressly target competitive advantage are doomed to fail. This may sound like common sense, but it happens far too frequently. Process improvement zealots often warn senior managers of the need to continually assess and improve processes everywhere in the organization. They project a religious and indiscriminate tone that can lead to improving the wrong activities and ignoring the ones that matter ... "  

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