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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Alternatives to the CKO

In his blog Mark Montgomery discusses alternatives to the CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer)

One of the comments in the thread there points to the fact that there are very few CKOs around. There was an attempt by the library systems to create a form of BIS or Business Information Systems to act as a nexus for knowledge. Legal covered areas like intellectual property. The CIO headed the acquisition of software and hardware to manage the increasing amount of knowledge and making it available. This because more complex post web, when the availability of knowledge sources exploded. The CEO and other executive teams linked to specific problems. When the Web and search emerged, it was quickly seen that employees needed to see the external web, plus have a secure intranet for internal knowledge. Like secretarial skills, the whole idea of knowledge management became do-it-your-self, and largely very inefficient. Wikis were tested as crowd sourced knowledge management alternatives, but still rarely used. It continues to evolve today.

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Mark Montgomery said...

Franz, there is so much history surrounding this issue that I would write a book about it if I had time.

I wrote a lengthy response here and found that I had exceeded the max characters by a large margin, so will post a response on my Kyield blog in a bit -- thanks for shining a light on this important topic -- it deserves a deeper response. - Mark