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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life Blogging Camera to be Produced

It was implied in a previous post that Microsoft did not intend to have the life blogging camera Sensecam produced. It was just reported that the camera will be manufactured, primarily aimed at mental health applications. A early version shown at the right, made famous by their MyLifebits project. We examined these for potential knowledge capture applications, though since then camera phones provide similar abilities to what we were looking for.

' ... Now Vicon, based in Oxford, UK, which specialises in motion-capture technology for the movie industry, has licensed the technology for the camera from Microsoft and intends to put it into large-scale production.

Imogen Moorhouse, Vicon's managing director, says that Microsoft has licensed the technology because it can't keep up with demand for the gadget. So far, only 500 have been made, most for use by researchers ... '

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