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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Managing Shopper Lists - Store Contexts

One of my particular interests, starting at enterprise innovation locations, was to experiment with how a shopper could engage with retail locations in a seamless and useful way. I experimented with several applications that did this, both before and after the emergence of smart phones.

This also relates to the 'smart cart' idea, often covered here, which is a much more complex way to deliver engagement to the shopper. A recent App was brought to my attention that combines the idea of a shopping list plus the physical location of things that we buy in a store. All on a simple IPhone App. Still experimenting with this, looks good so far ....

Shopping lists made easy
Making and sharing a shopping list has never been easier. Or more convenient.

With Shopper, you create and add to your shopping list whenever you think of things you need to buy. Type in the names of items, take a photo of them, or pick from the large list of shopping items that comes built-in. Sync your list with other Shopper users and they can always view your up-to-date list! Your entire family’s needs are with you whenever you need it. When you’re shopping, check off the items as you go. Your shopping list is with you all the time! ... '

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