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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What is Social Search? Zakta Answers

Recently I took a first look at Zakta, a novel form of search engine that includes the ability to work socially with your searches, edit them, manipulate and use them as a means for knowledge-based collaboration. To me it's much closer to Vannevar Bush's original view of a search and knowledge based system. I got the chance to talk to Sundar Kadayam, their CEO, today. I also recently looked at Google's social search and found it to be uninspiring, it just didn't get many additional useful answers.

Kadayam showed me how Zakta can save you considerable time doing searches, plus adds the ability to edit and easily share the results by adding processes called Guides to formalize the process of your research. You can also point to these Guides from your blog or site. I will experiment with that in the coming week and give an example here.

Kadayam has written a blog post which further outlines the value of socially augmented search. While on the blog check out some of their examples of Guides, to understand how it goes beyond mere search.

Check out their Beta site. You can compare your results side-by-side to Google and Bing. The layering capability, which categorizes your results will alone save you time and help you organize your thoughts when searching.

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