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Friday, October 16, 2009

Tesco's Wireless Item Finder

Storefrontbacktalk reports that Tesco has a system to let shoppers find items in its 3700 plus stores using their IPhones. But they are not providing local WiFi, so there is potential for weak mobile signals. I do not agree that is a major outage, it provides value on the shoppers device, which is in the right direction. The path for improving it is there.


Mark Montgomery said...

Nonsensical not to make the very small investment in Wi-Fi.

Franz Dill said...

My reading of the article indicates that they could not guarantee that there would be wifi in every store, so they were seeking to establish reasonable expectations while they outfitted 3700 plus stores. Wifi is becoming very common now, so I think its more of managing their use that keeps them from just installing them immediately.