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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tesco in the US

Richard James sends along a link to a very detailed article about Tesco in the US: RETAIL CASE STUDY: ANATOMY OF A TESCO FRESH AND EASY NEIGHBORHOOD. Much written about but have yet to visit one of these. They conclude: ' ... The success of these stores will hinge partly on Tesco’s execution and also on other factors like whether consumers from lower income families will actually be willing to pay the higher price that will inevitably result from better quality food and also operational issues and costs that may result from having stores in under-developed neighborhoods ... '.

The Metriscient site is also interesting by itself, a pro bono site about basic analytical methods. Seems to be good for educational case studies. Good to watch.

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Joy Joseph said...

Franz- thanks for the endorsement. Appreciation goes a long way for Pro Bono research!

-Joy V. Joseph (Founder/Editor Metriscient)