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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Average Consumer is Gone

From Jeff Mills, VP of Client Marketing and Client Management at Thinkvine. If the average consumer does not exist, and is continually evolving, we need solutions that can model that consumer more precisely. See their site for solutions:

' The following Ad Age article about a recently-released white paper entitled “2010 America” reinforces the fact that the notion of the “average consumer” is dead. Moreover, the consumer landscape is dynamic and continues to evolve. In order to sustain effective marketing, companies are going to have to maintain heterogeneity when analyzing the impact of marketing on consumers. There are meaningful differences in how consumers behave and consume marketing. As this article points out, the days of basing marketing investments based on aggregated consumer data are coming to an end. The technology exists today to for companies to understand how different marketing plans impact different groups of consumers ... '
The full Adage article

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