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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Procter and Social Media

A good case study about P&G using Facebook to market Crest Whitestrips. '... the contest on Facebook asks participants to submit stories about connections they wish to make over the holiday season, for the chance to win a visit to those people. The Procter & Gamble brand is offering a daily sweepstakes around the connections theme and is encouraging people to pass along the promotion on Facebook ... '. See also the Crest Whitestrips Facebook site.

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Perplexity Peccable said...

A particularly interesting example given that home or personal tooth whitening kits that use bleach or peroxide are contentious in the research literature. This goes so far that a speech by the ADA president a few years back questioned the ethics of a profession that did not fight to protect their patients from the risks of at-home tooth whitening products. The speech was reported in April 2007, and the Policy on Tooth Whitening Administered by Non-Dentists was added officially in 2008 ( http://www.ada.org/prof/resources/positions/doc_policies.pdf ).