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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Survey: Retailers Missing the Mark

Results of a survey:

How Retailers are Missing the Mark with Shoppers    by Sara Spivey in ChiefMarketer

Consumers are continuously changing the way they shop. They have high expectations for speed and convenience, they consult social media for ideas and inspiration and they’ve become very comfortable making transactions on mobile.

These dynamic shifts in consumer behavior are putting increasing pressure on brands and retailers to create the most innovative shopping experiences to stay competitive, attract new shoppers and foster loyalty among their existing customers. It’s already difficult to identify the shopping experiences that boost optimal sales and revenue, but it’s even trickier to understand whether consumers actually like or want these experiences in the first place.

Sixty-five percent of shoppers don’t consider voice assistants important to the customer experience.
To better understand how retailers are meeting customer expectations and more importantly, the areas where they are missing the mark, Bazaarvoice surveyed more than 400 brands and retailers and 2,000 consumers across the U.S., UK, France and Germany to identify the gaps between what shoppers want and what the industry is delivering. Here’s what we found:

Incorporating the right digital in-store experiences

Innovation and developments in virtual reality and augmented reality continue to make headlines and generate buzz, but blending digital experiences with physical retail is complicated. Though new technologies are flashy and impressive, it begs the question whether they enhance the customer experience or detract from it. Some retailers have introduced creative virtual reality features into their shopping experiences, like the ability to virtually try on outfits or visualize furniture in the home, but are consumers adopting and enjoying these new functionalities? .... " 

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