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Friday, July 20, 2018

Deep Mind and Abstract Thought

 What is abstrsact thought, and how do IQ tests track that?   Closer to what we might call common sense, or really uncommon?

DeepMind AI Takes IQ Tests to Probe Its Ability for Abstract Thought 

in New Scientist  By Jacob Aron

Google DeepMind researchers are challenging artificial intelligences (AIs) to solve abstract reasoning puzzles similar to those used in IQ tests. One particular puzzle involves looking at sets of abstract shapes and selecting which should come next in a given sequence. DeepMind's David Barrett says the researchers evaluated neural-network AIs on whether they could learn more general concepts. Standard networks performed poorly on these tests, with scores as low as 22%. However, a new neural network specifically engineered to infer relationships between different parts of a puzzle scored 63%. "While these structures help specifically with this task, we believe they can also be applied to other problems involving abstract relationships and taking decisions between possible courses of action," says DeepMind's Felix Hill. ..." 

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