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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Campbell's and Alexa Voice

Had looked at Campbell's skill early on.  As an avid cook, the use of recipes as elements of communication have always fascinated me.    They have a preestablished architecture and can provide capsules of communication in powerful ways.  Now how to you insert your equity in these messages.  Is voice the right way?  Campbell is figuring that out.

Alexa, what's for dinner?: Why Campbell's is doubling down on voice  By Mike O'Brien in ClickZ

Sharing recipes for consumers has always been a part of Campbell's marketing strategy. They have branched out into using artificial intelligence for these recipes, rather than just in magazines.

 What’s for dinner? It’s a common question, one everyone has probably asked themselves, their families, friends, significant others and Google (which has 666 million suggestions). Campbell’s launched an Amazon Echo skill because the brand foresaw people asking Alexa, too.

That skill is particularly noteworthy because Campbell’s was the first consumer brand to launch one in 2015. Soup and voice search don’t sound like an obvious pair, at least not at first. But Matt Pritchard, VP of Digital Marketing, explains that Campbell’s has always shared recipes with consumers, whether the medium was magazines, books or the Campbell’s Kitchen app. Alexa is simply a more modern way to get those messages across.  ,,, " 

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