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Sunday, July 29, 2018

China to Use AI for Diplomatic Strategy

Quite intriguing, pointers to more technical background or details?    Will gaming be an element?  Certainly simulation.  Recall we used agent based methods to simulate Chinese retail changes. (See link to Agent Model examples in tags below)

Artificial intelligence, immune to fear or favour, is helping to make China’s foreign policy  By Stephen Chen in the South China Morning Post

The programme draws on a huge amount of data, with information ranging from cocktail-party gossip to images taken by spy satellites, to contribute to strategies in Chinese diplomacy.

Attention, foreign-policy makers. You will soon be working with, or competing against, a new type of robot with the potential to change the game of international politics forever.

Diplomacy is similar to a strategic board game. A country makes a move, the other(s) respond. All want to win.

Artificial intelligence is good at board games. To get the game started, the system analyses previous play, learns lessons from defeats or even repeatedly plays against itself to devise a strategy that can be never thought of before by humans. ....  " 

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