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Monday, July 23, 2018

Defining AI to Tune Expectations

Correct, the expectations are still much too high for the term AI, and too confused for related Analytics.   Narrow applications are here (again) but now can more different things.  AGI is much further away, with ranges of estimates of its creation from 5-500 years.

We Need to Fine-Tune Our Definition of Artificial Intelligence
By Thomas Hornigold in SingularityHub

" ... Narrow or Weak AI versus Broadly applicable, human-like AI.  Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).  Needing to understand the difference and implications of both.  We learned this very well.  We worked the weak first.  The weak side is often like anything you would use a computer for, but with adding a 'cognitive' element.   AGI meanwhile adds broader capabilities, and in recent years things like assistants have moved us in that direction,  but still at their core much more primitive than human. ... " 

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