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Friday, July 13, 2018

Neurala Building Ways to Deliver Machine Learning

Have not seen or tried this, making training, use and validation of such models is very useful. 

Neurala launches its Brain Builder to speed up neural network data preparation   By Mike Wheatley

Artificial intelligence startup Neurala Inc. wants to help developers create deep learning applications faster by speeding up the process of feeding data to neural networks to train them.

The company is launching a beta of its new Neurala Brain Builder program, which is a software-as-a-service platform that can tag data used in training models more quickly.

Neurala is trying to address the currently rather cumbersome process of training deep neural networks or DNNs. As the company points out in its pitch, today’s AI applications first need to be “trained” using thousands of images or other pieces of data that must first be tagged so that deep learning models can understand their relevance. However, data tagging is a slow process, and its cost is proportional to the time spent tagging, which means it’s also very expensive.

That’s where Neurala’s Brain Builder can help. The company describes it as a “cost-effective, centralized data preparation tool that enables fast and accurate creation of large quantities of data for DNN training.” It comes with AI-powered annotation tools that can dramatically reduce the time it takes to tag data, while also keeping that data private and secure behind firewalls. Once tagged, the data can be downloaded to create DNNs using popular AI frameworks such as Caffe or TensorFlow.  ... "

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