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Friday, July 20, 2018

Microsoft Piviots to Deep Learning

I doubt if Microsoft is playing this wrong.  I agree though that other forms of intelligence are also worth investing in, like better ways of providing intelligent conversations and linking that to knowledge infrastructure. 

Why Microsoft’s big bet on deep learning could go bad
Deep learning is the hottest branch of A.I., but it might not be all that deep.    By Preston Gralla
When Microsoft looks into the near and far future, it sees artificial intelligence, particularly the hottest branch of it, called deep learning. The company has spent billions on A.I., including a spate of acquisitions such as the deep-learning startup Bonsai in late June and Semantic Machines in May. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said that A.I. is the "defining technology of our times." He also said at an investor’s conference this spring: “It's going to be A.I. at the edge, A.I. in the cloud, A.I. as part of SaaS applications, A.I. as part of in fact even infrastructure.”

But there’s a chance that the big bet on deep learning could go bad if Microsoft fails to invest in other branches of A.I. that could be more useful. The issue isn’t that deep learning isn’t important — it certainly is. But there’s a chance it’s also been oversold and is already up against the limits of its capabilities.  ....  "  

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