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Monday, July 23, 2018

Healthcare Personalization

Makes sense,  have seen it myself, it also suffers from over regulation, which can look like unpersonal as well.  Cleary a potential for disruption.

How Personalization Improves the Healthcare Experience  By John Nash

With the incredible amount of changes in the healthcare system, the search continues for the best ways to improve outcomes while reducing costs. One of the keys is for healthcare payers and providers to rethink how they engage with consumers, in ways that account for the shift to consumer-centric healthcare and the advent of disruptive business models. Retailers, creative partnerships between payers and providers like accountable care organizations (ACOs), and other non-traditional entities have further cut into the traditional market share of healthcare payers and providers, making the consumer experience an increasing differentiator in this competitive market.

It’s crucial that healthcare payers and providers adapt now. Recent research found that there is a more than $500 billion opportunity for a disruptor like Amazon to deliver a superior customer experience and create a new “front door” to healthcare, changing the first point of contact from a doctor’s office to a local drug store or the consumer’s living room. .... "

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