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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Sensors for Earthquakes

We did a short test in this area:

Tiny Sensors May Help Avert Earthquake Damage, Track Sonar Danger, 'Listen' to Pipelines
Simon Fraser University
Marianne Meadahl

Engineers at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Canada have developed ultra-sensitive accelerometers that are capable of capturing the most minuscule seismic activities. The new devices measure how tiny "seismic mass" comprised of silicon is displaced, due to external vibrations. The sensor can measure seismic mass displacements in the order of 1/10,000th of the diameter of a hydrogen atom. "The sensitivity of these devices is such that they can pick up the pressure waves produced by an earthquake before it strikes," says SFU's Behraad Bahreyni. The SFU team started out developing the accelerometers as a solution to make underwater sonar systems more compact and cost-efficient. However, they quickly realized that the high-performance, micro-machined accelerometers could have additional applications in detecting sound waves. ... " 

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