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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Google Making Quantum Computing Dev Easier

Have to respect Google for helping the entire industry to advance emerging technologies.  I took a brief look at this space and was struck by how hard it was to even basically understand and  test the concepts.  This could help a lot.  Communities help too.  Works even better in spaces that are not (yet?) over-hyped.

Google Wants to Make Programming Quantum Computers Easier 
Technology Review By Martin Giles

Google released a software toolkit that allows developers without a background in quantum physics to create quantum algorithms. Developers can use the Cirq toolkit to create quantum algorithms that run on simulators, but Google wants it used to help build software that will run on a wide range of real machines in the future. In addition, Google released OpenFermion-Cirq, a toolkit for creating algorithms that simulate molecules and properties of materials. The decision to make these toolkits open source will help foster a more vibrant developer community, just as it has in other areas of software. "We're at such an early stage in the development of quantum computing that it's to everyone's advantage that things are done out in the open," says Andrew Childs with the University of Maryland's Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science. ... " 

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