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Friday, July 20, 2018

D-Wave Models a Quantum System

Had a brief connect with DWave for applications in business.  Continue to think possible applications areas.   Especially combinatorially complex possibilities.  Good to see an apparent move forward.  See more on D-Wave Systems.

D-Wave’s quantum computer successfully models a quantum system
System lets researchers explore phase transitions in a quantum system.
By  John Timmer in ArsTechnica

New research from D-Wave Systems describes a quantum computer model with a close resemblance to the bits used in the hardware itself, enabling analysis of quantum phase transitions. This milestone gives researchers complete control over the physical limits of a relevant quantum system as it experiences these transitions. The current D-Wave system can support up to 2,048 individual orientation-flipping magnets and associated control hardware governing which magnets are connected and the strength of their connections. A solution to the problem can be encoded into the system's minimal-energy state, an arrangement called a "transverse-field Ising model," or a cubic configuration of magnets that can flip. An anti-ferromagnet forms if the magnets are ordered into alternate orientations as the system moves in any of the three dimensions, but also possible are disordered "spin glasses" boasting well-defined energies, including a low-energy state. .... "

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