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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Amazon and Private Label

Watched this early on and it seemed the were digging deeply here.

Supermarket chains can breathe easy — for now, at least — about Amazon’s grocery push on one front: private label.  in Supermarket News

Of Amazon’s roughly 7,000 private brand products, less than 2% are food and beverage items, according to an analysis of the e-tailer’s private label offering by Coresight Research. A far higher proportion is in apparel, which accounts for nearly 5,000, or approximately three-quarters, of Amazon’s private brand roster.

“Apparel is the dominant category in Amazon’s private-label offering, and one that appears to be growing, as the retailer pushes further into the clothing and footwear markets,” Deborah Weinswig, chief executive officer and founder of New York-based Coresight, said in the report. “In contrast, Amazon’s private-label offering in grocery categories such as food and household care remains limited, and in beauty and personal care, Amazon offers just two private-label products.” .... "

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