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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

GDPR and Better Marketing

Intriguing point,  if we fully understood the GDPR fully in its application as yet. 

How GDPR Can Lead to Better Personalized Marketing

By Michelle Chiantera in the Cisco Blog

As marketers, we’ve come a long way in becoming data-driven experts when it comes to creating more engaging personalized marketing experiences. The GDPR is making us think more critically about how we leverage that data to be in compliance, while still being able to effectively market and reach customers in relevant ways.

According to Forbes Insights, when it comes to GDPR compliance, 60% of organizations indicated they are challenged with shifting marketing and sales tactics in accordance with GDPR guidelines.

This shows that the GDPR’s impact has been a wake-up call for companies across the board and how they leverage data, but I feel it’s a refreshing and much needed one. Data has been foundational to everything we do for the past few years, but the GDPR is a good reminder that customers are more than targets and data sets, they are people who value trust and partnership.

So how can GDPR make us better at personalized marketing?  ... " 

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