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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Factor Analysis and Bayesian Networks

Factor analysis was a favorite statistical method we used to analyze complex influences.  Here is a link to a Bayesian approach. 

Factor Analysis Reinvented—Probabilistic Latent Factor Induction with Bayesian Networks and BayesiaLab

Bayesian networks have been gaining prominence among scientists over the last decade, and insights generated with this new paradigm can now be found in books and papers that circulate well beyond the academic community. Practitioners and managerial decision-makers see references to Bayesian networks in studies ranging from biostatistics to marketing analytics. Therefore, it is not surprising that the relatively new Bayesian network framework prompts comparisons with more conventional methods, such as Factor Analysis, which remains widely used in many fields of study.

The goal of this webinar is to compare a traditional statistical factor analysis with BayesiaLab's new workflow for Probabilistic Latent Factor Induction using a psychometric example.

More information, slides, presentation.

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