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Friday, May 06, 2016

VR Revolutionizing Data Visualization

We experimented in this in a number of ways, virtual words and using 3D viewers ...  Visualization should also be part of the first few steps in any analytics project.

In Forbes, by Bernard Marr

" .. Visualization is often a key part of the ‘crucial last step’ in Big Data projects – large scale analytical operations designed to draw insights from the ever growing amount of digital data that we are generating and storing. While bar graphs and pie charts do their job of providing headline figures, today’s Big Data projects require a far more granular method of presentation if they are going to tell the full story. It must be simple for the user to identify and highlight correlations between perhaps billions of data points (in the case of really large scale projects such as fraud prevention in the financial services industry), which are often performed in real-time. ...  "

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