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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Supermarket of the Future: Coop Italia

Akin to our own smart retail laboratory work.  Much more in the tabs below.  Quite a bit of detail and video:   This is from Microsoft:

The supermarket of the future: Designing for humans, Written by,Susanna Ray

Back to the future? More like forward to the past.

Italy’s biggest grocery cooperative is using futuristic technology to help shoppers return to the sociable days of open-air markets, when there were shopkeepers at every stall, ready to answer any question a customer might have about their wares. .... 

Coop Italia’s “supermarket of the future,” designed by Carlo Ratti, has won rave reviews, thanks to a digital design that created a more human shopping experience using a range of off-the-shelf technology. The concept, which debuted at Expo Milan last year and will be showcased at Microsoft’s Envision conference this week, replaces the typical grocery store’s rows of towering shelves with an airy layout, including easy-to-reach, tilted displays and informative screens suspended at eye level.... " 

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