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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Shapes Constraint Language

Brought to my attention.  Technical.  Note the mention of data quality use, using the concept of 'shape',  a recent concern.

" .... The Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL) is an evolving specification produced by the W3C RDF Data Shapes Working Group. TopQuadrant is actively supporting the development of SHACL in the W3C Working Group towards its becoming an official Standard Recommendation alongside RDF, OWL and SPARQL. ....

So what is SHACL? First and foremost SHACL is based on RDF and covers similar ground like RDF Schema and the Web Ontology Language (OWL). SHACL can be used to describe the structure of data – be it stored in RDF or JSON or similar formats. SHACL provides an RDF vocabulary for classes, properties and almost arbitrary integrity constraints that instances need to fulfil. SHACL is not limited to classes and instances, but also includes a more generic concept called “Shape” that can be overlaid on any existing data. Schemas created with SHACL can be shared on the web to communicate the intended structure of your data to other people or tools. SHACL tools can improve Data Quality. .... " 

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