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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

We Don't Understand the Language of the Brain

Despite all the success in artificial neural networks for pattern recognition, we still don't understand how the brain works.   A number of efforts are underway.  An overview in Scientific American.  What do we really know about it's hardware, software?

" ... We know little, however, about how the brain is organized into distributed “circuits” that underlie faculties like, memory or perception. And we know even less about how, or even if, cells are arranged into “local processors” that might act as components in such networks.

We also lack knowledge regarding the “code” large numbers of cells use to communicate and interact. This is crucial, because mental phenomena likely emerge from the simultaneous activity of many thousands, or millions, of interacting neurons. In other words, neuroscientists have yet to decipher the “language” of the brain. .. " 

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